Fundraising & Events

Our coffee is one the best ways to help you and your organization raise funds for whatever the cause! Reach out today to see all the ways Heroes Rise Coffee can help you with your fundraising needs.  You can also request to book the mobile coffee unit for your event here!

Why choose us?

We have helped many groups raise thousands of dollars and we can help you too. With our amazing customer support and our focus on helping you take the most amount of money home as possible, we are sure to stand out from your previous fundraising experiences.

Check out how we can help you below!

  • Old School

    First we set you up with ordering forms that has all our coffee available to you. Next you send your team out to make the sales. They collect the payment and the contact info. After that we collect the forms and the payments. Lastly we get you your coffee! Did we mention our fast turnaround times?!

  • Online

    This is a great way to get those distant people involved that are not local. We simply provide you with your own custom code and they can order their coffee direct on our website and the coffee is shipped right to their door. After fundraiser is completed we send you the $$$

  • The Coffee Trailer

    Maybe your hosting a one time event and you want to help boost the sales and experience. By booking our trailer for your event we give back a percentage of the event to help out your cause. Get us the event size and we can give you a fairly accurate quote on what you would make at the end.

Fundraiser & Event Request Form